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Boarding Dogs


We offer two types of kennels for your pets to be housed in. There are 34 4x5 kennels that have a door which leads to a 4x12 chain link outside run for them to go to the bathroom and exercise. There are also two 6x5 kennels with 6x12 outside runs.

The kennel is climate controlled, including in floor heat for the winter, and air conditioning for the summer.

Each kennel comes with a pallet for the dogs to lay on. The customer provides bedding if they wish.

Each Kennel is vacuumed in the morning and disinfected by hand using general disinfectant which kills a range of viruses that are associated with dog kennels.

We have two national brand foods that we provide or you can bring your own. There is a refrigerator to keep wet food and medication as needed. Stainless steel bowls are provided and disinfected.





Your vacation headquarters for your pet!!

Boarding Discounts

Funeral: 10% off of bill

Hospital; 10% off bill

Hero's: 10% off bill

We take: (Only one per stay)

Puck Buck Cards

Chamber Coupon

Music Booster

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